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Blade Set for Choppy Styling for long hair

Revolutionary: The first every blade set worldwide that prevents split-ends. Better and kinder to the hair than a razor.

Volume: Especially suited for long styles or extremely thick hair, to create supportive layers in a freestyle technique. Ideal for thinning out voluminous layers while keeping the same hair length.

Extensions: Also excellent for repairing hair extensions.

Peeling: The peeling effect gives the hair a fresh and healthy appearance.

Quick: Quick and easy working in either damp or dry hair without pulling.

Fits : Li+Pro, ChromStyle, GenioPlus


Quick-detach blades

Cutting length : 8 mm

Cutting width : 40 mm

Tooth space top blade : 3.5 mm

Tooth space bottom blade : 4.4 mm


Art no: 1854-7547
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