[MEDIA FEATURE] ESTETICA BEST IN EXPORT 2023 - Taking Advantage of a Buoyant Market

[MEDIA FEATURE] ESTETICA BEST IN EXPORT 2023 - Taking Advantage of a Buoyant Market

As the culture of the hair & beauty trade fair returns to its full potential, so do opportunities to boost both the creative and business vibe among companies that are attending. Many are expanding what they can offer through new products, services and even brands.
Tai Wah Distributors Pte Ltd from Singapore has been exhibiting at Cosmoprof Asia since the first edition in Hong Kong some 25 years ago. They have also had their booth at Cosmoprof Bologna and Cosmoprof Las Vegas for over 10 years.

EsteticaExport heard from Mr Toh Kok Swee, CEO of the company:

Over the years, we have used the exhibitions to show our latest products,” says Mr Toh Kok Swee. For many years we have dedicated our efforts mainly to OEM customers, as the Tuft brand distribution globally was not well established. Two years ago, we decided to focus on the promotion of our own range of hair and beauty machines, appliances and accessories under our own Tuft brand. We split our exhibition booths into 2 sections – one for our Tuft brand and the other for our OEM business”.

Right after the pandemic, Tai Wah Singapore faced the new challenge of establishing their own brand presence in international markets. They focused on their distribution to professional hair and beauty salons providing quality products to meet the higher performance and quality demands of hairdressers and supporting the distribution with quality after sales services.

To further enhance the global presence of the Tuft brand, we have invested in setting up a product development team, he continues. They work with our resident engineers and in consultation with our marketing team to develop new products to pipeline our offerings under the Tuft branding. This has further enhanced our Tuft brand image and product offerings globally. The response to our new products has been good and we are getting a lot of interest from the trade.
We have established a strong brand presence in Southeast Asia where we have had a presence for many years now. Now we have secured Distributors for the Tuft brand in parts of Europe and working on a larger presence in North and South American countries.
We are currently working to establish a greater presence in the various social media channels and developing an e-commerce platform that can enable us to link our brand to our global Distributors e-commerce networks”.

The recipe for success is simple after all: innovation, high-quality performance products and constant work to promote the brand through global communication.

For us to be successful, we need to keep our brands products current and innovative and find ways to present our brands to a global audience,” concludes Mr Toh Kok Swee. “This is a huge challenge and requires substantial investments in the resources needed to bring up the brand. Our setting up of a product development team is only the first step towards being technically in touch with changes in technologies and harnessing these to offer interesting and new products to the trade. Establishing a strong network of committed Distributors globally to offer our products under our brand is our next objective. Our participation in all the exhibitions globally will assist greatly in helping us gain contact with potential distributors for our brand. The exhibitions also provide the opportunities for us to meet face to face with our Distributors and OEM customers attending the exhibitions and for us to introduce new product introductions.”