TUFT Misty 380

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TUFT Misty 380

  • TUFT 380
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TUFT MISTY 380 - an Ultrasonic Micro Mist machine. An advance thermal re-conditioning treatment for hair and scalp with the power of micro mist.

Healthy hair and scalp can now be easily achieved with this new technology.


Available in:


• Black

• White

• Silver



Is highly energized H2O. It allows better penetration of hair and scalp treatment products.


O3 Negative Ion (OZONE)

To eliminate undesirable micro-organism and odour from chemical treatment.



For better sealing of hair and scalp treatment products.

Model TW380
Voltage 110V - 120V / 220V-240V
Watt 500W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Weight 23.50 KG
Dimension (Pedestal) 113cm x 44cm x 42cm (Base) 57cm x 59cm x 10.5cm
Temperature 30°C - 60°C
Timing Setting 1 to 30 minutes
Water Container Capacity 1.6 L
Drain Tank Capacity 0.4 L
Colour/Finishing Black / White / Sliver